Small Global - #4 Atmopshere

Small Global is an interactive video installation with surround sound that translates data about global interdependence, consumption and its environmental costs into an immersive environment. Multiple layers of transparent screens create an invisible cube of projected images, with the projections echoing onto the walls, ceiling and floor of the space. Members of the audience can walk around and inside the cube, their bodies becoming part of the projection surfaces. Surround sound immerses the space, and interaction sensors allow visitors to reveal visual information with their presence.

The fourth module explores the dramatic impact of changing weather patterns on populations across the globe. Human-induced climate change has led to an increase in extreme weather events in recent years, and the continued rise in the earth’s temperature means that the frequency and severity of floods, draughts, heat waves and storms is likely to worsen. The potential implications of this range from increased spread of diseases, food and water insecurity, to risks to settlements and large-scale migration, and ever effort taken now to mitigate climate change will save lives. These issues are investigated in collaboration with scientists from the UCL-Lancet Commission on the Health Impact of Climate Change.