Endless Cities

As the world population continues to move to urban centres, growing numbers of people contest a limited supply of space as their place for living. This brings with it a whole range of issues, ranging from environmental sustainability to the living standards and human rights of those at the bottom of the social scale who come to the city in search of a better life.

Continuing D-Fuse’s exploration into urban landsacpes, Endless Cities_Redux [Surface 2.0] is a condensed extract from D-Fuse’s project Surface [Surface 1.0] starting out as a journey to some of the rising metropolitan centres of East Asia and the Pacific Rim.

D-Fuse have been collaborating with local artists in each city to document their urban spaces and the dynamics at work within them. This has been done through exploration on street level, media research, and the sharing of materials, ideas and working methods. This collaborative aspect, while also giving rise to questions of authorship, has served to subvert any preconceived notions of a given place, culture or society on the part of the visitors, instead creating a lively interchange between local and global, interior and exterior viewpoints. Overall, D-Fuse have worked with around 80 artists on this project.