Carbon Crisis Blipverts

Carbon Crisis Blipverts is a series of 5 x 40 second animations created by D-Fuse, exploring aspects of Global warming issues, commissioned by SOS/Live Earth and endorsed by Al Gore.

Each 40-second blipvert focuses on a cause of CO2 emissions - Cars, Rubbish, Aviation, Deforestation, and Electricity consumption. The SOS Blipverts animations use the format usually employed for advertisements to raise awareness about some of the main reasons behind climate change and what everyone can do about it.

Using a fast-paced combination of animated images and statistics, they begin with shocking facts about global warming, before suggesting simple ways that individuals can reduce their impact on climate change - such as switching off lights when not in use, recycling and buying local.

Carbon Crisis Blipverts were put together with the help of Greenpeace, Professor Daniel Dorling of the University of Sheffield and the Worldmapper project.

Carbon Crisis Blipvert #1 Cars - focuses on the growth of automobile industry.
Carbon Crisis Blipvert #2 Power - animates the over-usage of Electricity.
Carbon Crisis Blipvert #3 Rubbish - shows the wastage globally with stop frame animation.
Carbon Crisis Blipvert #4 Aviation - plots the increase of airplanes at Heathrow airport.
Carbon Crisis Blipvert #5 Deforestation* - animates the destruction of the Bolivian Rainforest over 20 years.