Beck Guero DVD Audio / DVD Video

"Everyone's talking about what the future of recorded music is in terms of downloading songs and the implications of people not buying CDs and what happens to the artwork," he says. "But if you're breaking music down to where it's encoded files, you can easily put visual information into that. The artwork isn't something that's printed on the CD case, it's something that exists in the music. That's the whole concept behind the DVD." Beck

Beck discovered D-Fuse's work in Japan after purchasing our D-Tonate_00 DVD. Inspired by this, Beck invited D-Fuse to interpret the music of his ‘Guero’ album through a series of films as well as animations of photographic stills [slideshows + sub pictures], which were released as a limited-edition DVD video/DVD audio album in 5.1 surround sound. In total, D-Fuse created over 31 textural movies and vision-scales, as well as navigation for the DVD.

Working with Interscope Records and DVD Labs, D-Fuse pushed the boundaries of DVD technology. For each of the album's 13 tracks, D-Fuse produced 2 movies/remixes which can be accessed on the fly [via the angle button]. D-Fuse also created 3 subpicture streams for each track, which can be overlaid on the movies [via the subtitle button] to create a new viewing experience. All in all, 104 variations of the movies can be experienced. The disc went on to sell over 200,000 copies.